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My name is Mirel Antoine. I am 20 year old french Girl.
I join 5dollars2charity and work very hard to refer people. I take 4 position and after 3 months I have 102 family friends and people I find on FaceBook with 'FaceBook Marketing Blueprint'.
I have earned nearly 200,000 Dollar with this as well as affiliate marketing I join.
If you bring many people you make many dollars, but even with few you make money! If you use 'FaceBook Marketing Blueprint' it is much easier to refer. I buy it for big discount on this site.
Please LIKE my FaceBook page here: Mirels Groupe d'enterprise a' Le Domicile

This is such a treat to use! I am in South Africa where there is not a lot an ordinary guy can do to make an extra few Rand. Let me tell you, this is helping so much!!!! I donated R65 when I joined and got a few people interested in joining me. The rest is history. It is amazing how enthusiastic people are becoming even when they are still only making small amounts of money. I am very sure that I can make a million or more here over the next year. Watch this space!

Good morning I am Julia from South African I joined 5Dollars on the 21 April I paid R65 and it was approved later on I got my R65x2. I have purchased my Level 2 and I have already paid. I am waiting for the receiver to approve.

With this I believe poverty will go

I joined this on the 17th October and already I have received my R520 in 3days, I believe that I will reach level4 in less than 10days. I did no magic but recruit and assist my DLS. Come December my car is coming. Thank you $5dollar charity

Hello!Am Masego from Kasane,Botswana. I joined this online motshelo in January this year.At first I thought it was a scam,that was not true.I used to lack money during the month nowadays I don't lack money. I only joined with P55.

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