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Hey my name is Siyambonga S.Mgwarubana
in EC: still a student
I am in love $5 dollars
i jumped to level 1 and 2 within 2 days. ..
by November I will be a driving my own car..that will measure my ability #65

i was hesitant at first and then i thought why not give it a try, i got my 130 same day and bought my level 2, it didn't take me long either to get my level 2 money. It is the best i recommend others to try it out.

Hi milllionares Hi
I'm Mr Lucky Lepitikoe
From Thaba Nchu
In Free State Province Country South Africa
I join This Charity on 14-11-2017 Same day i was reach my first 2 people and I buy my Level 2 same day on 22-11-2017 Level was pay me $30 same day i buy Level 3 now im waiting for Level3 donation im very hapy i only join this charity for only $5 but on level i getting $10 on level 2 i earning $30 i so BLESSED TO BE A MEMBER If u have joinnow
Vivva $5 ViVVVVVVVa Sooon i wil be on Level 4

Hello!Am Masego from Kasane,Botswana. I joined this online motshelo in January this year.At first I thought it was a scam,that was not true.I used to lack money during the month nowadays I don't lack money. I only joined with P55.

I'm Khanyo Noveve from Cape Town, joined this community and made my first payment in a period of 1 day, recruit my down liners who also donate to me, helped them to recruit, now am sitting on level2 waiting for my donation, working together can take us far, I thank you

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